Taber Water Disposal (TWD) is a multi-service company locally owned and operated in Taber, Alberta. We offer comprehensive water and waste management services to the Taber region, southern Alberta and the province as a whole.


Taber Water Disposal has always been focused on improvements to the water disposal and waste management processes. We were the first water disposal firm to employ machine learning to proactively detect container deficiencies. TWD has continued to refine these models as well as develop new solutions for site security and container integrity.


With over a century of combined experience, Taber Water Disposal's clients can continue to expect the highest levels of safety, security and satisfaction in the industry.

Our Record

Taber Water Disposal is proud of our industry-leading safety and disaster recovery processes. Our record speaks for itself: TWD has consistently been a leader not only in Southern Alberta but in all of Western Canada.

Water Injection

TWD Has Three Water Injection Facilities:

  • Taber: Class II Injection, 10-14-10-16W4
    • Storage Capacity: 1000 cubic metres
    • Injection Capacity: 400 cubic metres per day

  • Vauxhall: Waste Management with Class 1B Injection, 13-22-11-15W4
    • Storage Capacity: 640 cubic metres
    • Injection Capacity: 300 cubic metres per day

  • Aldersyde: Class 1B Injection, 14-16-20-28W4
    • Storage Capacity: 480 cubic metres
    • Injection Capacity: 720 cubic metres per day

Waste Storage Management

TWD Has Two Waste Storage Facilities.

With receiving cells and drying pads, TWD specializes in water recovery from slurry volume for direct injection disposal.

  • Taber: 10-26-10-17W4
  • Tide Lake: 8-27-16-11W4

Waste Oil Collection

TWD is an approved collector of:

  • Waste Oil
  • Filters
  • Plastics
  • Glycol

  • TWD provides this service within our local market area utilizing a 7 cubic metre capacity collection unit.

    We can also service larger opportunities outside our market area using larger transport units.